The Önfelt Lab is part of the division Biophysics at the Department of Applied Physics, KTH - Royal Institute of Technology and the Department of Microbiology, Tumor and Cell Biology at Karolinska Institutet. The lab is located in Stockholm at the Science for Life Laboratory, a Swedish research hub and national infrastructure for life science.

Most of our projects are cross-disciplinary collaborations with other academic or clinical research groups or with industry. We strive to contribute to better understanding of immune cell function and implementation of this in the development of tomorrow's cancer therapies.

We are a multidisciplinary team of experts in immunology, physics, image analysis and microsystems engineering working together to address immunological problems by using microchip-based technologies for live cell imaging with single cell resolution.

Current Members

Are you interested in joining us for a master thesis project, a Ph.D. project or PostDoc, make sure to contact us here!


Laura Sanchez-Rivera, Researcher

Elina Erikson, Researcher

Thomas Frisk, Researcher
Sara Thunberg, Researcher
Bruno Vanherberghen, Researcher

Damien Toullec, Lab manager

Jacopo Fontana, Lab manager

Karl Olofsson, PostDoc

Chiara Zambarda, PostDoc

Valentina Carannante, PostDoc

Renato Alves, PostDoc
Karin Gustafsson, PostDoc
Nadir Kadri, PostDoc

Hanna van Ooijen, PhD student

Quentin Verron, PhD student

Ludwig Brandt, PhD student

Elin Forslund, PhD student
Per Olofsson, PhD student
Mohammad Ali Khorshidi, PhD student
Johanna Tauriainen, PhD student
Athanasia Christakou PhD student